Global Geopolitical Tensions: background/solutions

Global Geopolitical Tensions: background/solutions
The release of the landmark interview of the Russian President Vladimir Putin given to the American journalist Tucker Carlson is widely discussed all over the globe. During the conversation, they touched upon the topic of the Ukrainian crisis in the context of the global confrontation between Russia and the West. Putin has repeatedly said that Moscow is ready for negotiations to resolve this conflict. Experts believe that Putin, in fact, proposes to start a watershed and stop the bloodshed.

Founder of the GlobUs expert club Yulia Berg said that cooperation with Russia did not stop even after the launch of the special military operation, the political declarations and series of sanctions only change the system of communications and mutual settlements. Russia cannot be excluded from the system of international relations, given its significant role, both from the point of view of economics and from the point of view of geopolitical checks and balances. Of course, the "exhaustion" confrontation, designed to assess resilience and mobilization potential of the warring parties, leads not only to significant costs, but also to human casualties, millions of broken destinies. As Putin noted in the conversation with Carlson, this is a tragic forced measure in response to a series of strategic mistakes made by Western actors and their proxies.

Any war ends with peaceful negotiations, there can be no other outcome. The negotiating positions have already manifested themselves enough to start their substantive discussion. The dialogue with the Russian Federation in a backstage format, through a significant number of intermediaries did not stop. However, in order to fix the key positions that lay the foundations for the post-transformational world order, stimulating events must occur that allow Western actors "not to lose face completely."

Unfortunately, if the situation develops according to the Western scenario, the consequences can be very tragic, while Russia continues to pursue a very restrained and consistent policy aimed at minimizing casualties and damage from the conflict with the West, the arena of which is located not only in Donbass, but also in the border regions of the Russian Federation, the expert noted.

A more detailed discussion of the points made in the interview is presented in the program by For you Media.