The Multipolarity Forum and the fight against the Unipolar World

The Multipolarity Forum and the fight against the Unipolar World

On February 26, 500 participants from 130 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America gathered at the event. At the forum, experts, activists, politicians, journalists have exchanged views on events taking place in Russia and around the world, and shared ideas regarding the development of a new multipolar world.

"This forum is a response to the requests and desires of people all over the world to be heard. These people do not only have the talent to talk, they have come a long way, they are outstanding scientists, public figures," Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said during the event.

Kemi Seba, an anti-colonial resistance figure in Africa, made an outstanding speech at the forum. The activist stressed that the West is attacking the traditions, identity, and relations with the divine itself. They are trying to completely destroy the institution of the family, which is based on love between a man and a woman, as well as love between parents and children.

"Africa will not accept the degeneracy promoted by the West and the destructive attitude towards nature, family and spirituality. Our continent, which has been considered the garbage of humanity for too long, will become a symbol of rebirth, resurrection and resistance in the new cycle," Seba stressed.

Representatives of many African countries, including Mali, spoke at the forum:

"Now we want to withdraw from ECOWAS. We will create our own currency, we are a sovereign state. It is very difficult to log out of the system, it was built a long time ago. But we are doing this, and our ally, Russia, supports us in this. Therefore, this Forum is what is needed for Africa and for the whole South"
The Forum has become a platform for productive work, the fighters for a multipolar world, having heard each other's opinions, outlined further steps to build a more stable and just world order.

The discussion of the issues continued at the For you media's program Global Insights.