Time of Changes: New Definitions of Sovereignty in Global and Local Dimensions

Time of changes: new definitions of sovereignty in global and local dimension
Session at the International Municipal BRICS+ Forum (

The world is going through profound transformation processes impacting almost all of the spheres of life: economy, trade, energy, social sphere. How will the regional power centers be developing and what kind of changes could be expected at the local level? How could strengthening sovereignty ensure development of economies and social policies? What are the specific features of these processes in different regions of the world?

These questions were discussed by experts from Russia, India, Serbia, France, Germany, Cameroon and Mozambique during a talk facilitated by Yulia Berg.

Further discussion took place online in the Afrique Media "Views on the Continent" program hosted by Clarisse Wiydorven. Dan Kovalik, international human rights lawyer and professor of Pittsburgh University, international lawyer Arnaud Develay (France) and professor Jose Matemulane from the University of Maputo (Mozambique) shared their views on sovereignty and its role in the ongoing global transformations.

Session video (Part 1)
Speeches: intro by Yulia Berg, Andrey Gromov (Russia), Purnima Anand (India), Alexander Patrushev (Russia), Stephan Ossenkopp (Germany), Arnaud Develay (France), Yamil Quispe (Argentina)